My name may be Computer Guy, but my service is not really about computers.

Its not about computers? you ask.

Nope! And its not about printers, routers, or even Microsoft Windows.


So what is it about? Its about ..

 Carefully listening to understand your needs; what you want your computer systems to do for you, now and in the future

 Professionally identifying and selecting the right hardware, software and services (like internet access) to meet your needs

 Correctly installing and configuring your hardware, software and services

 Appropriate training, so that you can effectively use and maintain your computer systems

Text Box: At Computer Guy, I keep it simple... 
 I listen carefully to what it is that my customers want,
 then I help them get it.

Bitterroot Computer Guy 2017

Text Box: With over 30 years of technical and business experience, 
I have the knowledge and capability to help you solve your problems. 

Youve made the decision to invest in technology... 
Id like you to get the most out of your investment. 

My job is to make your computer systems work for you, 
and not the other way around.

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